Tend &Care

For Dogs

Tending and caring for your golden retriever is not just adorable but also a heart winning feeling.

  1. They are simply wonderful, stunningly beautiful and have intellectual brains.
  2. They get along with everyone.
  3. The best way to keep them happy and in good health always is by taking the right care.
  4. Shower with lots of love.
  5. Take them for walks to enjoy nature and for exercise.
  6. Treat or reward them for being good listeners.
  7. Groom them to look beautiful always.
  8. A visit to a park,sea beach etc. is an additional enjoyment for them. They are very social.
  9. Feed them the right proportion with gradual changes to keep their growth healthy with nutritional value.
  10. Let them cuddle on to your lap like teddy bears as they are always craving for attention and affection.
  11. Make sure to be extra careful while you visit the clinic for vaccination
    or medications or even to a spa. Save your dog from getting any infection.
  12. Clipping nails, cleaning ears, dental care, hair trims is all about practice when you want to do it at home.
  13. Keep emergency medicine kit at home with the Vet’s consultation mainly for sudden ailments like fever and indigestion. Thereafter, take for further medication.
  14. Avoid tick infestation at any time and at any cost.

  15. Train them with good commands at home or with a trainer. Your golden is surely an obedient one to listen to the commands.

For Puppies

Tending and caring for your golden retriever is not just adorable but also a heart winning feeling.

  1. With a new puppy a check up with the veterinarian becomes importance so as to get a fresh status of health. To know more about growth and nutrition and other concerns is necessary.
  2. Have a schedule daily. The puppy going from us is already on a schedule of the feed timings, medications, nap and bowel timings.
  3.  Let the puppy walk inside and play for 5 to 10 minutes a day gradually increasing the time. Do not make the pup jump or fetch.
  4.  You can start to train by 3 months of age with short commands.
  5. No bath should be given till 3 months of age. Just sponge with wet towel and clean everyday for the puppy to feel fresh.
  6.  Nail clipping, ear cleaning and dental cleaning is very important.
  7. Be careful to take for walks to avoid infection. Not advised up till 5 months of age.
  8. Proper vaccination and health checkup should be done on regular basis.
  9. Maintain the feed timings and snack timings. Follow a good food chart to give ample nutrition to the pup according to the age.
  10. Do not overfeed your puppy.